Monday, June 13, 2011

Featured Apparel: Golden Bone!

06.13.2011 - Do NOT attempt to rock this tee unless you are a G!

Iconic tokidoki character, Bastardino, is bigger & bolder than evah...literally.

You'll notice that he's pimped out too with his bone outlined in gold foil.

This tee is sold out everywhere, but there is one place where you can still cop one. Available at Red Nimbus.
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The smaller pic with "Bastardino TKDK" is actually placed on the back of the shirt centered right below the collar.

The small image of the "golden bone" is located on the front of the shirt to the bottom right. The size of the "golden bone" and the size of the "Bastardino TKDK" exactly half of the height of the "full shirt" image, because we wanted you to show the prove TKDK's originality of the "golden bone" image on top of the "Bastardino TKDK" logo.

If you purchase this tee and do not receive at least 1 compliment while wearing it, we'll give you your money back.

Retail at: PhP 1,700 Pesos!

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